CALECIM® Professional: Power up your At-home Skin Regimen

CALECIM® Professional stem cell skincare is the next generation in cosmeceuticals, and is being recommended by physicians and medical aestheticians around the world for its rapid age-defying results. Dramatic results have been observed through clinical trials on patients’ skin volume and facial contours. These aesthetic improvements are the result of what is really happening to your skin below the surface — which is strengthening it from within with the [...]

7 Simple Everyday Ways to Improve Your Skin

It’s easy to focus on the aesthetics of the skin because it plays such an important role in our appearance. But the skin is also a vital defense to our inner organs and tissue, protecting it from pollution, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful constituents. At CALECIM® Professional, we urge you to take care of your skin to strengthen its health and improve its aesthetics. It’s important to note that improving [...]

Emmerdale’s Claire King reveals why she is never having plastic surgery again

Claire King Actress Claire King has vowed to grow old disgracefully and will never have plastic surgery again. Five years ago, the former Emmerdale star decided to undergo a mini facelift after work dried up and she felt like she was competing at auditions against other actors who had gone under the knife. Her confidence was already at rock bottom following the breakdown of her marriage to her former Emmerdale co-star [...]

How CALECIM® Professional Can Enhance the Benefits of Various In-Office Procedures

A variety of in-office skin rejuvenation procedures can address skin that’s dry, rough, or uneven as well as treat conditions such as wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation, or lax skin. The results are often glowing as your skin is given a reinvigorating boost that helps dead cells to shed, and encourages healthy skin cells to rise to the surface. Yet, as good as those procedures are, you can benefit from a post-procedure [...]

The Miraculous Effects of CALECIM® Professional’s Active Ingredient

Stem cells are the basic building blocks of the body that can become any other type of cell. They are also responsible for the renewal and repair work in all parts of your body, including your skin. Stem cells are thus essential in keeping your body and skin youthful and healthy. Aging takes place when the quantity and quality of stem cells diminish as we get older. This leads to [...]